New Beginnings and New Groups


Welcome to a new year and yet another opportunity to begin again. This is the time of year when many of us set New Year’s resolutions or set intentions for the coming year. Some of us may have done this so often that we’ve figured out that they don’t all come to fruition. If you have managed to meet every goal, resolution or intention you’ve ever set, congratulations to you… and I encourage you to notify the press for you are certainly one of a kind. The truth is that no one has ever managed to make every change or meet every goal they’ve ever set immediately. The brain is not set up for such rapid shifts. In order to create new behaviors that are consistent, we have to establish new neural pathways. This is not instantaneous. It requires repetition for new pathways in the brain to form and for new behaviors to become established. Read: practice. This takes me back to my original statement. This new year is an opportunity to begin again….and again…and again. Here are some tips that may help.

  • Set your intentions–not too many if you want to really succeed.
  • Keep your expectations reasonable and attainable.
  • Visualize throughout the day accomplishing your goals. Imagine how good it feels.
  • Practice new behaviors.
  • When you mess up (and you will) just begin again.
  • Avoid self-punishing self-talk when you need to begin again. It doesn’t help anything.
  • Notice the small changes and appreciate them.
  • If it feels good to have support, let others support you.

Wishing everyone the adventure that lies in new beginnings.





This month and next Perspectives is beginning new groups for those who are interested in making changes, growing, healing, and getting support from others. Most of these are time and space limited. Some may be ongoing. This newsletter includes an overview. If you are interested in exploring more about what is being offered you can visit our calendar on the website. Also, watch your inbox for more information.

The groups include a meditation group for adults, a meditation group for children, a support and education group for adults interested in improving health and nutrition, a support group for LGBTQ teens, a social skills group for teen girls, a stress/anxiety management group for teen girls, a support and education group for new mothers and their babies, and a process group for psychotherapists.

If you think you’d be interested in any of these groups, please email us soon. We don’t know if groups will fill quickly or if they may be cancelled if there does not appear to be enough interest.

Adults’ Meditation Group

This group will focus on learning and integrating meditation techniques, breathing and mindfulness exercises. The benefits of practicing these tools are self awareness, empowerment, emotional freedom, stress management and personal growth.

Children’s Meditation Group

A mindfulness workshop helping kids to connect and inspire socially, academically, emotionally and physically. We will be using these holistic tools to integrate mind, body and spirit: Breathing exercises, yoga, self awareness, and EFT tapping.

For the HEALTH of It!

Do you find yourself wondering what all the nutritional hype is really about? Do you want to live a healthier life but are just not sure what path to take to get there? With so much talk about GMO’s, organic food, supplements, etc. are you wondering what it really means and how it affects you and your family? Do you wonder what foods are really healthy? ‘Wondering about all of the different types of diets in the media, paleo, SCD, GAPS, GFCF? ….’Not even sure what all the letters and abbreviations mean? Are you addicted to sugar? Do you want to know how to best support your brain, to help protect it against toxins and stress? Do you want to make changes to feel better, but find yourself stuck?

Information is power. It gives us the opportunity to make conscious choices. With so much information out about healthier living, it’s sometimes difficult to know what is best. This group will allow for a safe and confidential environment for you to learn, discuss, and explore the world of healthy living so you can make truly informed choices.

This is an ongoing therapeutic and educational group. You may check with your insurance company to determine if it may be reimbursable under CPT code 90853.


A safe and confidential place for LGBTQ youth to discuss and explore relationships, sexuality, health, wellness, identity, coping with stress, religion, and many other topics. This is an eight week therapeutic and educational group.

Social Butterflies

Successfully navigating the social realm is a vital aspect of a girl’s world! Many struggle with friendships, social bullying, and standing up for themselves. These aspects coupled with academic pressures make middle and high school a complex and challenging time that often leaves tween and teen girls feeling excessively “stressed out” and overwhelmed.

Through participating in this social skills group, girls will develop tools to navigate the social world with increased awareness and confidence, as well as development of healthy strategies to cope with the pressures of middle/high school life. Through connection with similar peers, girls will have the opportunity to strengthen social skills while having fun!

Social Butterflies: Stress Management

As changing bodies, navigating social relationships, and academic pressures come to the forefront in middle school years, girls may feel overwhelmed with stress and anxiety.

Navigating these changes with similar peers while exploring strategies for healthy choices can help build positive self-esteem moving into the adolescent years.

Through participation in this group, girls will explore topics related to physical and emotional changes, social relationships, and practical tools for coping with stress in a safe environment. Participants will learn self-soothing techniques and explore methods of expressing emotions/needs appropriately.

Baby and Me (Babies under 1 year old)

This group provides a safe, nurturing, and confidential environment for mothers to discuss and explore child development, oral motor feeding skill development and nutrition, positive supports for nurturing your baby’s brain, challenges of parenting, exploration of personal identity as a woman and mother, coping with stress, family dynamics and more.

Mother’s will gain insights and knowledge into how to foster baby’s development to reach their highest potential.

This is a therapeutic and educational group. You may check with your insurance company to determine if it may be reimbursable under CPT code 90853.