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For the HEALTH of It!

Do you find yourself wondering what all the nutritional hype is really about? Do you want to live a healthier life but are just not sure what path to take to get there?  With so much talk about GMO’s, organic food, supplements, etc. are you wondering what it really means and how it affects you and your family?  Do you wonder what foods are really healthy?  ‘Wondering about all of the different types of diets in the media, paleo, SCD, GAPS, GFCF? ….’Not even sure what all the letters and abbreviations mean? Are you addicted to sugar? Do you want to know how to best support your brain, to help protect it against toxins and stress? Do you want to make changes to feel better, but find yourself stuck?

Information is power.  It gives us the opportunity to make conscious choices. With so much information out about healthier living, it’s sometimes difficult to know what is best.  This group will allow for a safe and confidential environment for you to learn, discuss, and explore the world of healthy living so you can make truly informed choices.

This is an ongoing therapeutic and educational group. You may check with your insurance company to determine if it may be reimbursable under CPT code 90853.