Free with Passport

Thank you for allowing Perspectives to be a part of your journey. At times your path will be smooth; and at others you may find it challenging. As with any journey of discovery, you will travel to and through unfamiliar landscapes. Most of us find that guides and tools can be helpful along the way…particularly when the journey becomes more arduous. This is why we decided to create Perspectives Passports.

The Perspectives Passports Program was developed by the professionals at Perspectives CHT as a way to provide a more holistic support system for our clients. Through the Passports Program we provide a number of workshops and groups at no cost or at greatly reduced fees to those individuals and families who are a part of our Perspectives family. If you or a member of your household are currently receiving services, or if you have ever been a part of Perspectives, you are eligible for our Perspectives Passport Program. A general outline of the workshops and groups is listed below. More specific information may be available on our calendar.

Reservations are needed to attend any of the groups or workshops. We never know how many participants we may have for any event and space is limited so it is recommended that you make your reservation as soon as you know you want to attend (and that you are able to attend.) If you have an unforeseeable conflict please contact the facilitator as soon as you know, so that others who may be placed on a waiting list have an opportunity to arrange their schedules to attend.

Adult Book Clubs (weekly)$150 per month— Free with Passport

Our book clubs at Perspectives rotate through a number of titles. They are open to any of our Passport holders. The titles are selected based on recommendations and relevancy for our clients. The groups run for about twelve weeks at a time. The groups are professionally facilitated so clients get the most out of each book covered. Passport holders are welcome to enter the book club at any point in the group. All that is required to jump in at any time is to read the book up to the point the group is discussing.

To know which book or books we are covering at any given time, consult our calendar for information about the book, the location/time of the meetings and the facilitator to contact if you have questions or wish to participate.

Please contact: Erica Webb for more information:

Book Club for Kids (monthly) $50 per group— Free with Passport

This group is great for elementary children.  

Each month we will present a different topic through reading a book together, discussing the book, and engaging in a related fun project.  Topics and books will be listed on the calendar.  Because each topic is separate, each moth’s club is independent of the groups before or after.  This means you can register for one, two, or all gatherings.  Space is limited though so registering early is recommended. This book club will rotate between the two office locations so families have the choice to just attend the ones in their neighborhood or to participate in both locations.  Reservations must be made no later than a week before each book club, but to make sure there is space registering early is recommended.  

Please contact Ella Weymiller with questions or to reserve a spot for your child.

Journaling Group (monthly)free for passport holders…free to community

Journaling is a way to tune into your own thoughts, sensations, feelings, and intuition. Many therapy clients keep a journal to continue the reflective process outside of session time, but barriers can arise to writing about our most personal experiences. This journaling group serves as a support for people who are drawn to journal, but may struggle with implementation, motivation, or accountability. During each meeting, we spend 20 minutes writing together from a selected prompt while listening to calming, quiet, instrumental music. Then we process together what it was like to write on this topic, including insights achieved and barriers encountered. Notebooks are available for new journalers.  Reservations are required one week prior to each group.

Please contact Camille Hankins for more information:

Self Care for the Caregiver (monthly)$60 per group— Free with Passport

Whether you are the caregiver to an an adult or a child, as a caregiver your resources are required. You will feel it when the output of resources is greater than the input. If you are there, this group is for you. If you are not there yet, this group is for you. We are often under the misconception that caring for ourselves is “selfish” or “indulgent”. As a result we do not take care of ourselves enough as we seek to give those in our care the resources that they require. Who will care for them when our resources are depleted? We are all human with a finite amount of resources. It is crucial that when output is required that we take care to refill and recharge. The greatest act of kindness we can show for those in our care is to take care of ourselves. This is a group designed to teach you how to care for yourself and to support you in balancing your needs with those of those who count on you to care for them.

Please contact Belinda Lee for more information:

Parent Training:Teaching Children Emotional Language and Self- Regulation (monthly)$65 per workshop— Free with Passport

Each month this workshop will provide parents and caregivers with specific strategies and tricks of the trade for teaching and supporting the development of emotional language and self regulation. These are the foundation for life skills needed in adulthood, but in today’s world not all children pick up on these naturally. The workshop will rotate through various age groups from toddlers to teens. More information about which age group will be addressed in each workshop can be found on our calendar. Space is limited and reservations need to be made no later than a week before each workshop.

Please contact Erica Bland for more information:

Mountain Meditations (monthly) $85 per group— Free with Passport

Join Elizabeth Corbett for monthly meditations “off the beaten path” at Stone Mountain Park.  Mountain Meditations, a hiking meditation group, focuses on creating a practice of mindfulness-in-nature.  No prior experience with meditation or hiking is required.  The goal of the group, beautifully described by Eckhart Tolle, is to experience the strong and profound presence that is found in the natural world, to help awaken that same presence within ourselves.  Mountain Meditations endeavors to enhance one’s sense of mindfulness and gratitude by providing intentional connection with Mother Nature, in a safe and nurturing environment.  We invite you to join us on our mountain adventures! 

Please contact Elizabeth Corbett if you have any questions or would like to be added to the group email list.  Participation is limited to 12 people per event at this time. Reservations need to be made no later than a week before each hike.

Creative Stress Management (monthly)$50 per month— Free with Passport

In our fast-paced world, the nervous system is often under assault. Our bodies and brains often do not have the opportunity to reset themselves naturally. Chronic stress is a modern epidemic and the research continues to roll out informing us of how the way we live with so much stress negatively impacts our physical and mental health. This monthly workshop offers an opportunity to learn how to reset the nervous system. Practices such as mindfulness, meditation, and other relaxation techniques are introduced and practiced so as to help participants relax and soothe the body's energy systems. This group is open to beginners and as well as those who may have more experience with relaxation techniques but are looking for support and new approaches in their practice.

Adults and Teens are welcome. Reservations are needed due to limited space and need to be made at least a week prior to scheduled workshops. For more information or to register please contact Michelle Shlafman.

Michelle can be reached at:

It’s A Dad Thing (monthly) $100 per month— Free with Passport

Fatherhood in todays word is much more complicated than ever. So much is expected of dads, but the manual for fatherhood is illusive. If your children confuse, confound, frustrate, please, upset, or amaze you, you are not alone. This group is a place where dads can gather monthly to learn together, and to support one another. Please join Rodney Larson, psychotherapist/neurofeedback specialist, father and grandfather, to learn more about the art and science of being a dad. You can learn how and why your child’s brain works as it does, why you respond the ways you do, and then explore methods to optimize the relationship and your child’s development.

Please contact Rodney with questions or to register:

Child and Parent Kindness Club (monthly)$75 per month for one parent and child together— Free with Passport

This club is designed to help children learn and practice empathy, responsibility, self compassion, and self awareness. It provides a fun opportunity for child/parent bonding. Children get to unplug from technology and connect with themselves, their parent, and the larger world through active, creative learning experiences. The parent (as well as the child) is a full participant in the club which opens up new avenues of communication within the family system. Please join Lauren Foster monthly for the Child and Parent Kindness Club. Reservations are necessary and space is limited. Please contact Lauren with questions or to register. Registration is needed no later than one week before the club meets.

Lauren can be reached at:

 Preschool Prep (weekly) $320 per month — Free with Passport

This group will meet for 2 hours each week to provide 2 and 3 year olds an opportunity to explore skills needed for preschool. During this time the children will work together on social connection, self-regulation, sharing, and cooperation, as they engage in fun activities together.  Space is limited and reservations are required. 

Please contact Elizabeth Corbett, BS,BA  if you have any questions or would like to be added to the group email list.